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I’m Alicia Mestre Bruce.

First off, my name is a mouthful, so for your convenience, it’s pronounced A-lee-see-a Mess-Tray Brooce. (Deep breath, you’ve got this).

I’m a 28-year-old hobby artist from St. Louis who never imagined I’d find myself deep in the niche of the bookish art world. I think I’ve always had at least two novels and a pen on my person at all times since I learned to read at age 4 – much to the chagrin of any authority figure trying to get me to pay attention.

While this may only be my side hustle, I promise to put my whole self into my work!

I specialize in digital character art, NSFW spice, book-themed designs, and bringing scenes to life.

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I had the pleasure of working with Alicia on a dust jacket and the art turned out fantastic. Alicia is an extremely talented artist and a wonderful person. She is respectful, easy to work with and above all a professional. I cannot recommend her enough.

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“Working with Alicia was AMAZING! She brought the five main characters of my book to life, and I’m so glad I commissioned her. She was so interactive throughout the whole process, always giving me updates and asking for feedback to make sure the drawings I received were exactly what I wanted. She came up with several sketches and facial expressions for every character and was very punctual with finishing the artwork. I would strongly encourage anyone to commission Alicia because not only is she a wonderful person, but she’s also insanely talented!”

Olivia Darling (Author)