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I’m Alicia Mestre Bruce.

First off, my name is a mouthful, so for your convenience, it’s pronounced A-lee-see-a Mess-Tray Brooce. (Deep breath, you’ve got this).

I’m a 29-year-old hobby artist from St. Louis who never imagined I’d find myself deep in the niche of the bookish art world. I think I’ve always had at least two novels and a pen on my person at all times since I learned to read at age 4 – much to the chagrin of any authority figure trying to get me to pay attention.

While this may only be my side hustle, I promise to put my whole self into my work!

I specialize in digital character art, NSFW spice, book-themed designs, and bringing scenes to life.

“Alicia is a phenomenal artist and always goes above and beyond to help you. When I’m not sure what I want, I can trust that her creativity will go above my expectations. Amazing communication, never misses a deadline, and pays attention to detail so that your commission is exactly as it should be. I enjoy working with this artist, and I can’t wait to work with her again.”

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“Alicia made two custom covers for me and some additional character art, and it all came out beautiful. With minimal input from me, she was somehow able to create exactly what I wanted! Throughout the process, she checked in to make sure I was happy with the progress. She worked quickly and made the whole process enjoyable. I could not be happier with the results!”

Melissa McTernan (Author)