Hello! Thanks for your interest in commissioning me! Please review ALL of the information on this page prior to submitting a request.

I am updating the way I take commissions, as I have a full time job and may not be able to accommodate commissions that are scheduled too far in advance.

For now – if you are interested in a commission from me, please submit a response in the form below. I will be reaching out to individuals on this list when I have availabilities open up. I periodically check this form, so you may not hear from me right away, especially if I do not have any openings.

Please note that by submitting this form, there is not a guarantee that I will be able to accept your commission.

Please check out to see a list of other artists and their availabilities! If my style or timing isn’t right for you, I encourage you to give another artist a chance 🙂

There are NO availabilities prior to at least August 2023.

Commission Request Form
(please note I may not be able to respond immediately)

What type of commission are you requesting?


Q: Are your commissions open?

A: My commissions are typically full, but you can fill out a commission request form at any time, as all requests will go into a waitlist. I will respond to your request promptly. I cannot guarantee timing on my waitlist as art is not my full-time job, so I only take a few projects per month. If something is a time-sensitive commission request, please indicate this on the request form and I will let you know if it is something that could be accommodated, though it may require a rush fee if so. 

Q: What types of commissions do you take?

A: I take five main types of commissions:

  1. Commercial / Shop – character art for a shop or book boxes to sell; can include bookmarks, prints, etc. Requires the commercial fee.
  2. Author – character art for an author of their characters, can be sold or used as giveaways/promotions; can include bookmarks, prints, etc. Requires the commercial fee to be sold or used in a giveaway.
  3. Illustration/Design – Anything that is similar to a pin design, sticker design, or non-character artwork. I typically only accept these for commercial purposes.
  4. Dust Jackets/Covers –  I am available to make dust jackets or book covers for commercial purposes or for authors directly. I am not available to create custom dust jackets for personal use only.
  5. Personal – character art or designs for someone to display in their home or print or gift or do whatever with EXCEPT sell (this includes anyone who has an “OC” but is not an ‘author’) – I typically reserve personal commissions for bookish characters or DND characters. Tattoo designs would fall into this category. This type of commission is VERY limited.

Q: How do you select which commissions to take / do you have criteria?

A: I am open to most types of commissions, and I do not discriminate based on whether an author or a shop has a large following or not. I have limited the number of “personal” commissions I will make – this is just due to time constraints. 

Commission types I’m able to do:

  • NSFW (light nudity, seductive/provocative posing, implied sex (not explicit), breasts or butt)
  • Detailed backgrounds (nature, rooms, simple architecture)
  • Animals or creatures (to an extent)
  • Any human (or similar) character or relationship regardless of race, ethnicity, hair type, age, gender identity, body type, sexual orientation, etc. As long as the artwork is clearly consensual if it involves a relationship, and the proportions of the character follow basic human proportions.

Commission types I am not available to do:

  • Full nudity, pornography, genitals, or explicit art beyond what has already been discussed above
  • Furries or anthropomorphized animals or items – I think this type of stuff is lovely, but it is not in my skillset to anthropomorphize. 
  • Complex architecture or cities – particularly futuristic architecture. I can paint interior rooms or some simple architecture.
  • Cars, motorcycles, planes, etc. I am fine with old wooden ships, but may not be the right artist for most pieces involving vehicles or mechanical structures.
  • Family portraits or paintings of real people (exception being actors in specific roles – I prefer my art to relate to books, pop culture, or fantasy).
  • Cartoon, Chibi, or anime – I love to look at this kind of art, but don’t have the style to accommodate it! I know several great artists who can create in this style, so let me know if you need recommendations.